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Why learn CS?

In 2012, computers are everywhere, and computer science education should be too. At CodeHS, we’re bringing CS to every high school in America—and we’re starting by teaching 1,000 students over the next six months. In our increasingly connected world, problem solving with computers is crucial to every discipline.

Computer science is also a area of massive growth. While the national unemployment rate is 8%, there were 100,000 unfilled CS-related jobs in 2012—and that number is rising. By bringing CS to high schools, we can teach critical thinking and problem solving, promote STEM, and prepare students for jobs of the future.

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You can teach a student to code.

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Coding is the new literacy


There are over 100,000 CS-related jobs that can't be filled this year.
High school computer science offerings decreased 17% from 2005-2009
Only 5% of High Schools offer AP Computer Science.
There will be 1.4 million jobs in CS created by 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
At the current rate, only 30% of the 1.4 million projected jobs will be able to be filled by CS grads by 2020.
In 2008, only 17% of AP CS test takers were women, even though women accounted for 55% of all AP test takers.
Most states have no certification for CS teachers; in states where it exists, the requirements have little CS content.

You can teach a student to code.

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There are 100,000 CS-related jobs that can't be filled this year.


CSinHS is a campaign to teach 1,000 high school students to code over the next six months. We've been building CodeHS for the last six months to make it easy for high schools to bring in a computer science program. This helps us bring computer science to schools now, but it's just the beginning.

We think every student should learn to program. It teaches a new way of thinking, it re-engages students with problem solving, and gives students practical and rewarding skills. CodeHS is inspired by our experience teaching intro CS at Stanford for 3 years, and is built to be fun, and accessible. Don't believe us? Try it out.

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You can teach a student to code.

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